4 Day Fit Training programmes

Receive expert personal training services in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Your fitness and goals will be assessed and we will put together a bespoke plan to suit your body and your goals, whether that’s fat loss or getting stronger.

What is online coaching?
4DayFit Online coaching direct to your phone.

  • Whether purchasing one of our direct access programmes or our personalised programmes you get guidance on your workout with clear programming that is supported with over 300 exercises videos.
  • Feel confident in your training with the ability to message your coach directly for feedback or questions.
  • 4DayFit fits your schedule and your life by ensuring all workouts are based around 60 minutes of gym time and with it being on your phone you can update your progress and results while on the move.
  • After the purchase of your online training programme you will have access to your 6 week programme which will be accessible and delivered via TrueCoach.
  • Programmes will include a full 6 weeks training programme consisting of 28 workouts designed to last for 60 minutes each

Personalised Programming

Taylor made training made specifically for you

  • Elite Personalised Programming delivered by 4DayFit via the true coach app direct to your phone
  • 4DayFiit Head Coach Steve Foster personally designs 4 workouts a week based around your busy schedule enabling you to reach your personal targets with 4 x 60min sessions a week.
  • Delivered Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you can hit the gym hard with clear instruction.
  • Exercises videos to support your technique and form.
  • The ability to direct message Steve via the True Coach app.
  • The true coach app will support your journey with the ability to track the progress of your personal goals.
  • Keep a journal as well as enable you to monitor your daily calorie intake in conjunction with MyFitnessPal.

For personalised programmes. Prices are dependent on an individual baisis

  • Training has become a pleasure again, with ambitious but achievable goals. Every session is built to get you to that goal. My progress has been amazing, culminating in my goals being regularly surpassed"
    Ade, client
  • "Ste's a great trainer: if you want results and are willing to show commitment then he will be with you all the way. He takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me in each session - I can see I'm getting stronger and it's awesome."
    Jacqui, client
  • I've had a few life changes while I've been training with Steve and his communication is advanced enough so we can keep momentum - tailored workouts push me to my limits and beyond. Top coach, top guy."
    Will, client
  • "I’ve always wanted to learn to lift, and working with Steve to reduce my anxieties was the best decision I made. 18 months later, not only has he helped me to become stronger, fitter and smash my targets but he’s boosted my confidence and self esteem."
    Hannah, client

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