Steve Foster

Founder of Kratos Strength and Conditioning

“An experienced personal trainer and sports performance coach. A former national league basketball player, and teacher, Steve’s passionate about supporting his clients to achieve their goals.”

Client Examples

Matthew Catlow
National League Basketball Player

Matt came to Steve, looking to get stronger and more prepared for the upcoming season, Make his body more durable and less prone to injury.
We assessed Matt, and off the back of that, we designed a programme that built strength focusing on Matts core and his legs as well as encouraging him to stretch more and do mobility away from the gym and the court. Closer to the start of the season, we supplemented his pre-season training with other conditioning to improve his sprint capacity as well as his endurance to make getting through games more comfortable.

Jacqui Rodney
Full time working mother

Jacqui came to Henrietta Street Gym and started working with Steve looking to develop her strength and fitness while trying to lose some weight but understanding that for her to do that she needed coaching support both 121 and group orientated.
Jacqui’s journey into weight loss and strength development was built over a more extended period of time to ensure sustainability. A programme based around HIIT and strength development enabled us to build a strong body through traditional lifts like deadlift, squat, bench and shoulder press while complimenting it with 2-3 30min Hiit classes a week and structured nutrition support.

Adrian McClean
Ex GB Sprinter and National League Basketballer

Adrian now a full time working father, needed a fitness solution he was able to manage around his busy job nad family life but was also challenging enough with his historical sporting background.

Adrian was one of the founding members of our 4Dayfit online programming. We discussed the personalised programming with the additionality of 1x 121 a month with Steve. The online app enabled Adrian to go into the gym at times that suited him and get his workouts done while having workouts designed for his specific goals then the 121 would embed new skills but also assess progression and enable Steve ensure the next months programming reflected the progression.

Who Steve Has Worked With

Hakeem Olajuwon

Basketball Camp Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach
Hakeem is a former NBA player and is considered one of the top 50 players
Birmingham City Rockets

Birmingham City Rockets

Basketball Club for under 14’s to Senior Men’s
Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach A club that has produced multiple youth England players; notably, Myles Hesson and Kofi Josephs. Both are now senior men’s England/GB players and play professional Basketball abroad.

West Bromwich Basketball Club

Strength and Conditioning Coach and Instructor to youth teams

Footballers, Boxers & Muay Thai Fighters

Strength and Conditioning Coach
We’ve worked with GB youth boxers, upcoming England football players, as well as amateur Muay Thai and MMA fighters for upcoming fights Steve has a consistent client base of multiple National Basketball League players, and players from the British Basketball League.

  • Training has become a pleasure again, with ambitious but achievable goals. Every session is built to get you to that goal. My progress has been amazing, culminating in my goals being regularly surpassed"
    Ade, client
  • "Ste's a great trainer: if you want results and are willing to show commitment then he will be with you all the way. He takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me in each session - I can see I'm getting stronger and it's awesome."
    Jacqui, client
  • I've had a few life changes while I've been training with Steve and his communication is advanced enough so we can keep momentum - tailored workouts push me to my limits and beyond. Top coach, top guy."
    Will, client
  • "I’ve always wanted to learn to lift, and working with Steve to reduce my anxieties was the best decision I made. 18 months later, not only has he helped me to become stronger, fitter and smash my targets but he’s boosted my confidence and self esteem."
    Hannah, client

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